Teny Rims and Teny Wheels are made of Aluminum Magnesium Alloy and are available in 26" and 700cc. All Teny Rims come with our One Year exchange warranty.


Why are Teny Rims and Teny Wheels so UNIQUE? Teny Rims are SHOCK ABSORBENT, preventing the bike from rebound no matter what the surface be it rugged, bumpy, or rough road. Teny Rims provide a more comfortable ride over traditional rims. Teny Rims and Teny Wheels are UNIQUE because they are SHOCK ABSORBENT, WIND RESISTANT and come in a VARIETY OF COLORS.


Teny Rims are LOW WIND RESISTANT. Traditional bicycle rims always bring some uncertain volume of wind resistance when spinning. The bike will start decelerating immediately if you stop pedaling. Teny Rims are designed according to the Centrifugal Force and Windmill Theory so the bike will not decelerate right away. When in riding, the bike will be faster, easier to move and accelerate the speed.


Teny Rims & Teny Wheels come in VARIOUS COLORS: Color your bike with more colors to choose from and more combinations to make.


To get your Teny Rims, Teny Wheels, order directly from our website. For more information or to find a bike shop near you that sells Teny Rims, contact Teny Rims, Inc. send us an email at: sales@tenyrims.com


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